Urban primates and rock

The band "Ti Monkeys" or "Titanium Monkeys" was founded in Moscow in the autumn of 2007. Prior to this, the future monkeys were parts of other rock bands, but they teamed up in their titanium alloy with the arrival of bass player in the band - Danila Yakimov (Black Jack).

   The cristallization center of their music style was a common passion for the team members to the modern western rock music, and briefly about the sound can be said that it is a mixture of styles such bands like RATM-SOAD-KORN-RHCP-FNM-etc.

   The music of Ti Monkeys is hard-rock-rap-core, so there is a lot of mighty guitar riffs, crazy grooving drums and bass, wild catchy explosive sounds joining with heavy lyrics and expressive aggressive vocal. Subjects of songs is usually about the nowadays social tendencies and problems, about the wars that is inside and outside ourselves, about the things that they hate and love. All that wild energy and all that musical napalm splashes out from the stage into the crowd behind, so it makes it burn with dancing, rocking, screaming and slamming.